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Alex Sobax



Weitere Informationen

Born 1978 in Essen Germany, Alex grew up with music all arround and daddys vinyl collection in his hands. Few years later he join the Techno club scene in NRW and he was surprised by the open minded and fancy people.

Soon Alex made the next step, started to play with his first Techno records and some months later he did one's best with friends and at small parties. Confirmed by good feedback he developed and took the chance to play in clubs like "Fusion" in Münster. Sadly he must take a timeout for six years to complete the military service, but since 2006 Alex is back with passion and many digital prospects.


Studio Clubbing // Essen, Germany

Klang der Familie // Essen, Germany

EGROOVE.FM // Essen, Germany

Gold Club (R.I.P.) // Essen, Germany

Olymp & Hades // Essen, Germany

Super Cut // Ruhr Area, Germany

Loca 71 // Essen, Germany netradio show // Germany

Pension Peking // Essen, Germany

Pulse Lounge @ Allegro // Essen, Germany

Flagship // Rüthen, Germany

Roof of love (Loveparade 2008) // Dortmund, Germany

Mikatronic (R.I.P.) // Essen, Germany

Fusion // Münster, Germany

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